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Email that works on the web and all of your devices while conveying a professional image. For only $2.00 per month!

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You may not believe it, but your email address says volumes about you and your business. It shouldn’t say, “I’m cheap, my business is a fad, and I’m not a serious businessperson.” But that’s exactly what a generic email address says. In the end, it is causing you to lose business.

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Your Brand

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You want to convey a professional image to your prospects and clients, but you’re sending them emails from or Nothing says I’m not serious about my business like an unbranded email address.

Professional Email Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Email is one of the most common forms of business communication. So, you can’t afford to have your email ignored or sent to a junk folder. But that’s what happens to a lot of non-branded emails.

We make getting an email address using your company’s domain name easy and affordable.

How to Get Started

Your Options!

Buy a domain from us.
Transfer your domain to us.
Link your domain to our email servers.
Don’t worry, we can help you.

What You Get!

5GB Email Storage
27MB Attachment Limit
IMAP Email Protocol
10 Email Forwarding & 10 Email Aliases
Spam and Virus Protection
Password Protection and 2FA
Autoresponder and Calendar
Signature and Contact Management
Unlimited Mobile and IMAP Connections

Set Up Your Email Clients

Where to Access Email!

Any Web Browser
Any Computer
Your favorite mobile app
Your PC or Tablet
Sync across all your device

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We are working on making this an automated process, but for now, we’ll need to gather some information from you which will allow us to get the ball rolling. If you don’t already have an account with us, we’ll set that up first. Then we’ll create your Webmail account. We promise to work fast and get your professional email flowing quickly!


I know you have questions. I’ll try to answer them here but don’t hesitate to send me a note if I haven’t answered your question.

You are familiar with email solutions like Gmail and Office 365, but you may need to familiarize yourself with terms like webmail and IMAP. So, here is a simple definition: 

Webmail is an email service that you can access from any web browser. Webmail based on IMAP can also be accessed on most email clients (think Outlook) and mobile devices. IMAP keeps your email in sync across all your devices. Some webmail solutions won’t sync your email across devices.

Unlike Gmail or Outlook webmail, our Webmail service gives you an email address using your domain name. So, instead of “” or “” you get an email address like While those free services are great, they aren’t great for conveying a professional image.

Can’t you get email from Google and Outlook? Yes, you can, but those premium solutions can be expensive, and not everyone needs all the bang for the buck.

With our webmail solution, you get a professional email account that you can access virtually anywhere for only a couple of dollars a month. With that, you also get an integrated calendar, virus and spam protection, password protection tools, contact management, and more.

You have several options for accessing your webmail.

  1. Through our client hub at
    • Click the Webmail Link in the navigation bar
    • Click your domain name
    • Click the webmail icon (black envelope) for your email account
  2. Through this webmail link:
  3. Through IMAP, POP3, or SMTP. (IMAP is recommended)
    • Access your email configurations via the client hub
      • Click the Webmail Link in the navigation bar
      • Click your domain name
      • Click configurations
    • Setup your favorite email client
      • If needed, click Download Configuration to get a PDF of all the details needed to configure your new email account in your preferred email client.
  • Add a CardDAV and CalDAV account to your device.
  • Use your email address, password, and the IMAP server address.

Yes, your webmail is protected from spam and viruses by top-notch filters and policies.

To prevent spam, we limit sending to 500 emails per day. We set no limit on the number of emails you can receive.