Get a Professional and Branded Email Address

Email that works on the web and all of your devices while conveying a professional image to your prospects and clients.

Professional Email

Secure and Reliable

Your Personal Brand

Access Anywhere

Don't Lose Business

You may not believe it, but your email address says a lot about you and your business. It shouldn't say, "I'm cheap, my business is a passing fad, and I'm not really a serious businessperson." But that's exactly what a generic email address says. In the end, it is causing you to lose business.

Be Professional

You want to convey a professional image to your prospects and clients but you're sending them emails from or Nothing says, I'm not serious about my business like an unbranded email address.

Don't Be Ignored

Email is one of the most common forms of business communication. So, you can't afford to have your email ignored or sent to a junk folder. But that's what happens to a lot of non-branded emails.

Professional Email Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

We make it easy and affordable to get an email address using your company's domain name.

Modern Webmail

Get email in your browser with a responsive design, file sharing, and contacts and calendar with mobile sync (ical)


Advanced blacklist and greylist mitigation. Robust, multi-language spam filtering to protect agains phishing and viruses

Use Your Email Client

Access your email with POP or IMAP using your email client (Apple, Outlook, Gmail, and Thunderbird).

Email Forwarding

When you host your domain with us, you'll have access to free email forwarding.

Professional Email

$12/Year plus 7-Day Free Trial

Our Pricing Options

Annual Plans for Professional Email. Price Per Email Address


10 GB Account



25 GB Account



50 GB Account



If you have questions that we don't answer here fill out the form below. We're happy to help you pick the right plan.

What Happens After I place My Order?

Once you sign up for a subscription plan with a 7-day free trial, we will start setting up your account. Then we'll send you a welcome email with instructions for how to access your Webmail account and add your email to your email client.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can. If your needs change and you need more storage at a later date, just use the form below to send us your request, and we'll help you upgrade your subscription. Be sure to include the email address you want to upgrade and what plan you want to upgrade to.

Do I Need A Domain to Get Started?

Yes, you need a domain and access to your DNS records. If you need help purchasing a domain, use the form below to tell us what you are looking for, and we can help you order your domain.

If you already own your own domain, you can either transfer it to us or we will send you instructions for updating your DNS to connect your email account.

If you want help setting up your DNS records, we're happy to help.

Do I have to host my domain with You?

No, you don't have to host your domain with us. We will send you instructions for updating your DNS to connect your email account.

If you want help setting up your DNS records, we're happy to do that.

You do have the option of transferring your domain to us. Just use the form below to ask us how.

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