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What Types of Websites Do we Build?

There are so many different types of websites on the internet and some of them require a special area of expertise to build them with excellence. For instance, there is a difference between an e-commerce site and a personal blog. A law firm has different objects for its website than a restaurant. So, you want a designer who offers website design plans that fit your website needs.

We don’t try to be an expert in every type of site, nor do we attempt to be where every business type should go for their website design needs. Instead, we’ve narrowed our focus so that we can do a great job on every website project we work on.

Here’s What we can build for you!

A Simple Blog

This is perfect for the individual or small organization who wants to start a blog. Pick one of our themes, and we’ll customize it with your images, colors, logos, and content. We will set up an email subscription page and connect it to your newsletter service.

Starts @ $750

A Basic Website

This is the right package for the small business or organization that needs a great home page, a blog, a contact page, an about page, and a signup form. You can start with one of our themes or share your favorite design. Then give us your images, colors, logos, and content. We will then create a custom site and connect it to your newsletter service for lead generation. We’ll also set up the technical SEO on each page we build for you.

Starts @ $2000

A Complex Website

As the name suggests, this is the best package if you need a custom site with all the core pages of the basic site, several other pages to showcase products and services, and multiple forms to collect information from site visitors. We start the same way. You can pick one of our themes as a source of inspiration or share a few inspirational sites with us. Then describe your dream site, send us your brand guidelines, colors, logos, images, and content, and we’ll design a custom site for you.

Starts @ $5000