Why You Should Send Marketing Emails

I originally sent this email in a newsletter to my subscribers. When I did so, it had been a while since I last emailed a marketing tip to my subscribers. In fact, I last sent a tip in April of 2023. For a marketer, that is shameful. But for a business owner, it is a common problem. We have this amazing tool, and we fail to use it. We fail to send marketing emails.

My purpose today is to encourage you to get started again if you’ve fallen off the email wagon or to plan to start sending marketing emails right away.

Why Should I Send Marketing Emails?

Let’s face the facts. It takes time to write an email, and the process and rules for sending marketing emails can be confusing. So, you may wonder why you should even bother. Here are some powerful reasons.

  1. Studies show that the cost of sending a marketing email is as little as $0.001.
  2. Those same studies show that the ROI on marketing emails is 40:1.

Spend $1 and make $40? Who wouldn’t do that? But a lot of us neglect this great tool, including me.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Aside from the financial benefits I just listed, here are a few key advantages of sending marketing emails.

  • Gain new customers or donors. Subscribers are not always customers or donors. But your emails can help change that.
  • Build brand awareness. Every time you send an email to your subscribers, they get to know you better, and it takes a level of comfort to get someone to spend their money with you.
  • Increase loyalty. It is painful to work so hard to get someone to do business with you only to lose their business to a competitor. By providing great value in a marketing email, we can reduce that risk by creating a strong feeling of loyalty.

I could say so much more about email marketing, and I will in future emails and posts, but you’re busy and need to go write an email. If you’re unsure how to start, schedule a free call with me. We can chat about some strategies and get you started.

This article was first published on February 2, 2024, in my email newsletter. for early access to new posts.

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