How to keep your subscribers engaged?

You’ve convinced people to subscribe to your newsletter service. They visited your site and read some of your content. Now, the question is, How do you turn them into engaged subscribers? In other words, how do you keep them coming back so that you can turn them into customers?

An unengaged subscriber is a lost opportunity.

You may wonder, “Why should I care? Is it worth the effort?” That is a good question. Before we do anything in business, we must be sure that it is worth the effort. We must be convinced that our actions will yield results that make a difference.

Having engaged subscribers will make a difference. Losing their engagement will cost you. Here is what you stand to lose:

  • The opportunity to nurture the subscriber into a customer
  • A subscriber who shares your content with others, thus validating your brand
  • Stronger SEO. Traffic to your site indicates to search engines that your site is relevant. SEO improves the longer a visitor stays on your site and the more pages they view.
  • The opportunity to share other content, offers, and resources with your subscriber

Automation – A Path to Engaged Subscribers

People subscribe to your newsletter service for a reason. They want to stay informed about the content you create and the products and services you offer. Keeping them informed can be time-consuming. That’s where automation comes into the picture.

One maxim to remember is this – use automation sparingly when engaging prospects and customers. The last thing you want to communicate to a subscriber is that they are unimportant to you. Automation can send such a message if used too much.

RSS Feeds and Email Automation

Here is a simple trick for getting your new content in front of your customers as soon as you publish it. First, grab the RSS Feed of your website. Second, create an automation feed in your email marketing tool that triggers an email to your subscribers when you publish new content.

  1. RSS Feed – If you use WordPress, you already have an RSS Feed. Add the word ‘feed’ to the end of your website address. Here is the RSS feed for this site:
  2. Email Automation Tool – if you use Brevo for your email campaigns, the setup. Even so, the principles apply to almost any email marketing platform.

Setting up RSS Feed Email Campaign in Brevo

To create an RSS Feed Email Campaign in Brevo, follow these steps.

  • Open the Plugins and Integration Window
  • Select the RSS campaign integration
  • Follow the easy steps to configure your integration
  • Choose the default template to design your email
  • Edit the template with your unique logo, colors, and styles
  • Preview your campaign and repeat the edit until you’re satisfied
  • Select a list of recipients
  • Configure the campaign settings
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • Activate the campaign

The next time you publish a new post on your website, your subscribers will receive an email about it. If it’s a good article, they’ll become engaged subscribers!

For more information about RSS Feeds in WordPress and setting up an RSS Campaign, check out these articles.

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