Website Backup Solution – How to Avoid Panic

You may not think that you need to worry about a website backup solution for your business. You pay good money to your hosting provider, and it’s in the cloud. So, isn’t it safe? No!

No Website Backup Solution Equals a Business at Risk

Remember the days before automatic saving features in word-processing applications? You’d open a blank file, and spend hours typing, formatting, and editing. Then something would happen. The battery on your laptop dies. The computer freezes and the application closes. You hit the close button with great joy! But then you would realize that you forgot to push the save button first, or ever. 

All your work is gone. It was perfect, and now it is lost.

You magnify your feeling of panic when it is your website. Yes, most site-building tools will autosave. That doesn’t mean the site is safe from deletion, destruction, corruption, or some other mysterious death. 

You can’t afford to forego a website backup solution. Here are two options that are easy and affordable.

The Best Option to Protect Your Investment

I used to recommend two different options for website backups. The first was a WordPress plugin that offered a free and manual backup solution. The second option was a separate paid service that automated your website back.

Now you don’t have to choose between a free, manual solution and a paid automated solution.

Snapshot Pro has all the great benefits of expensive automated solutions. But, it comes as part of your hosting plan with RSS Digital Marketing Group.

Here’s what it does.

  • Creates incremental backups of your site and database
  • Automates the backup process daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Allows you to trigger a manual backup if needed.
  • Provides a one-click restore solution
  • Retains backups for up to 50 days
  • Allows you to download any backup to your computer
  • Integrates with several 3rd party cloud storage solutions

Never Let a Mistake Take Your Site Down

With a tool like Snapshot Pro, there is no reason to fear breaking your site with a plugin update or coding error. It does happen.

Before you make changes, trigger a backup. Once the backup is complete, start making your changes. If something goes wrong, the one-click restore will have your site back up in minutes. That’s peace of mind!

If you need help setting up your backup solution drop us a note today.

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